Sunday, June 1, 2014

Smith College Bound

Goodbye Simmons, Hello Smith!

Last stop on our journey: Smith College
As we continue on our journey, transitioning to Smith College from Simmons College, we had the opportunity to relax and be on our own. Now, I don't exactly consider myself entirely introverted, but having time to myself was nice. I took a nap today, which, at the time, was like a gift from God Almighty.

In going forward with our journey, I thought about how important it is to remain grounded in one's roots, despite the branches they we may establish elsewhere, such as in other cultures and countries. Therefore, I decided to reflect on this concept through poetry, a hobby that allows me to deeply express my feelings in a manner that permits the reader to interpret my words in several, sometimes intentional lenses. Nevertheless, poetry is a beautiful art form that can heal. The following is a poem that I wrote when we first began our journey at Mount Holyoke College and has inspired me in working for the Women in Public Service Project.

I am a tree.

Although my leaves may change
or fall off,
I remain tall, strong and relentless.

I may sway in the wind,
but I will remain true to my family and home --
the home that I provide for others.

I can withstand rainstorms and snowstorms
and even when I am stripped of my leaves,
even when my skin is cold and falling off,
I know there is hope for the sun.

This is all for now. Today's post is rather short, but I figured I would make it up with a more involved post tomorrow. Signing off from Smith College, goodnight.

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